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Turn Inward.


Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful journey for you. It has been my absolute joy to share the gift of yoga for the past 10 years. I have had a love of movement since I was born. My parents put me into various dance and tumbling classes as soon as they could, and it's often joked that I was dancing before I was walking. That love turned into a deeply rooted passion for the human body and all of its forms of expression and mobility. It has been my personal mission to heal the world through yoga. So, let's go! Grab your mat and let's practice!

Hi, I'm Kelley!

When we feel good in our bodies, we can better live our purpose and spread love 

Virtual Yoga:Om Sweet Home

Livestream Yoga Classes

Feel like you're part of a studio community from the comfort of your own home. Have your camera on or off-your choice! Invite your friends and family to spread the self care and self love practices of yoga, health, and wellness. Purchase a class pack and you'll receive an email with the zoom code to join us!

Growing Collection of Recorded Yoga Classes

Flow, breathe, release, sweat, meditate, move, journal, and learn with me: anytime, anywhere! There is a broad range of classes including: vinyasa, power, gentle, yin/restorative, MFR, pranayama, therapeutics, mediations, and more! Classes range in length, so you can truly practice at your own convenience. New classes added monthly, for just $25/month!

Target Specific Goals

If you are looking to deepen your practice, rehabilitate an injury, re-train postural habits, and/or take your fitness to the next level- this is perfect for you. Schedule 1-1 training to elevate your awareness.

Try out some yoga practices for free!

Try out yoga and my style of teaching before making any further commitments!


In Person Classes

Yoga Class

Crystal Lake, IL

Hoffman Estates Park District

Barrington, IL


Deepen Your Education

YA-certified Program to Become a Yoga Instructor

Turn a love of yoga into a career and deepen your practice and understanding of yoga and its philosophies. This program is fitting for those looking to make a stronger commitment to self-exploration and deeper dimensions of yoga.


Lotus in Bloom


I came to yoga to improve my flexibility and physical fitness. Yoga has helped improve my strength and has decreased my back pain. Kelley’s teaching is personalized to each individual. I like her sweet and funny personality and informative teaching. 

Colorful Crystal


I started going to yoga because I used it as an accessory to my CrossFit training. CrossFit has made my muscles more tight and doing yoga helps mitigate those effects. I continue to practice yoga because it not only helps my athletic performance, but it also helps me with the mind-body connection; helping to quiet my mind and helps me with sleeping. Throughout the years, it has also helped me alleviate my hip pain due to a really tight right hip.  

Blue Hydrangeas


Yoga is a great opportunity to work on strength, balance, and flexibility with like-minded people. I know as I get older, these three aspects of health deteriorate if not practiced so I want to work on them now in the hopes that it will lead to a more active life when I'm even older. It is also fun to have an active hobby with my wife. Yoga has helped primarily with muscle tightness, but it also gives me fun physical challenges to accomplish beyond how much weight I can lift, how many pushups I can do, and how far I can run. Kelley’s teachings are well organized due to having a theme or focus for each class such as hips, back, or shoulders. 

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