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Hands Touching

1-1 sessions can provide insight into imbalances in your body and ways to find alignment through strength, therapeutic, and relaxation techniques. We can address everything from anxiety and depression, to physical ailments and limitations, to self improvement and mindfulness.

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Single 30 minute- $60

Single 45 minute- $90

Single 60 minute- $120

Enjoy a 15% discount on packs:

Five pack 30 minute-$255

Five pack 45 minute- $384

Five pack 60 minute- $510


"I like to learn and I always feel better physically after yoga. When I first started yoga, I could not decide among the choices of position and whether I should try harder or not. Kelley offers many modifications and educates us on which positions are for beginners and which are advanced." 


"Patience, positivity and knowledge are just a few assets that she has shown her students.  All of her classes meet my needs and help me become a better person.  She is a master at what she does! I love all of her classes! I find Gentle Yoga and Yin Yoga/Meditation to be calming and relaxing. She has helped me overcome some of my challenges with stiffness and balance. I come out of the classes rejuvenated and in a good mood. Thanks for being the BEST yoga instructor and friend."


"In the past I have stopped going to yoga because after about 2 months I would get bored because other instructors would use the same routine class after class. Kelley is different. Her classes are never the same and they have specific intentions. No matter what body part we focus on, we still get a total body workout; just a little more focus on the muscle group for the class. Before going into a pose, she explains how to get into the pose and why we are doing it and also what you should feel. With some other instructors I have had, it is more of a routine where they just call out the poses as well as any modifications and that is it. Kelley is very insightful and descriptive." 


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